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What makes Rock different?

Implementation Partner 2015/16
Vodafone have given Rock Networks Ltd the highest possible accreditation for delivering One Net Business. We are one of only four Vodafone Implementation Partner’s in the UK, and we hold the Solutions Pioneer accreditation.


One Net Engineers
Rock employ the staff needed to fully deliver effective services to UK Businesses, with the right investment made to ensure we deliver. Our engineers are employed in-house, fully trained by Vodafone. This gives Rock the knowledge, flexibility and speed to install One Net and support you in the best possible way.

Rocks Team
We have people with skills and experience built up from supplying One Net Business for years, with dedicated front end solution designers and service staff, to project managers and technical specialists.

Rock explain the extensive range of features, benefits and boundaries of One Net Business and act a consultant through the process.  We have service staff and engineers to act as key points of contact throughout the process.

Our wealth of experience has grown from liaising with Vodafone, throughout the development of One Net Business.

Rock recognise how the product needs to be integrated into your business, and have developed the best possible processes to ensure successful deployment.