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As a leading solutions provider here at Rock Networks we pride ourselves on giving our customers the very best support, with this we have developed a One Net Help facility.

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One Net Help Facility

Please choose from the drop down below to select your question for us, the answer will appearbelow the drop down.  Rock are experts in providing Vodafone One Net help.

If you have a new question please submit below and one of our One Net team will be in contact with you shortly.

The first steps are to contact our One Net support team they will provide you with all the information you need  to sign up to the Vodafone One Net Solution.   Contact our team here.

How do I setup our out of hours service? a

In order to manually turn on your out of hours or nightmode service, dial #001* on your allocated One Net deskphone.  Dialling #002* will turn off the service, and your phones will ring as normal.

You can also set specific routing and behaviour using the feature management portal.

Feature Management:

Website: onenetuk.vodafone.pt 

Once logged in you will be presented with this screen. You will to click the Management tile.

Once under the management tile, the next step you will need to take is by clicking company features and finding your closed hour option like below. Click view all on the closed hour’s option.

In the closed hours option you will be presented with your numbers. Choose the number you wish to have the closed hours on over Christmas.  For example Mr MUHG NEW +441942367583.  Click view more.

Here is were you can make the chances for your Christmas closed hours. Before making changes you will need to click edit.

  1. Activate manual activation – This will enabled each user to manual close and open the companies closed hours. With the users you select on there individual desk phones to Close (start the close hours) dial #001*. To reopen (stop closed hours)  the offices dial #002*
  2. With the number you select make sure this number is active for closed hours.
  3. To set dates in were your office will be closed over Christmas. You will need to create a rule a set calendar date were no one will be in the office and closed hours automatically apply.
  4. Your set dates will then be visible under calendar.
  5. Once you have made your changes, make sure you click.

































Can I see mobile users on the busy lamp fields? a

Yes, we can configure One Net Business to show your mobile users on the phone on the sidebar of your deskphone.  This is unique to One Net, and means you never need to guess when transferring calls to a fellow employee.

If our business is no longer has a BT landline can Vodafone provide us with the Internet? a

Yes, we can help with this.  One Net Business service through an Ethernet is available, allowing an voice and data traffic through the same connection.

The Ethernet pipe is large enough to carry both voice and data services. Up to 90mb of bandwidth is available and you can choose how much you need in portions of 10mb. If you’d planned to get One Net Business via DSL or FTTC you can upgrade to Ethernet instead.

Please get in touch with us to discuss further.

Why choose One Net over another hosted phone system? a

Vodafone One Net is the only hosted phone system that truly integrates your mobiles in, because Vodafone has control over the mobiles, and the phone system.

No other provider combines both of these; for example, fixed providers can control the phone system but don’t have the mobile network, whereas mobile operators typically won’t have their fixed line services, these are often provided by a third party.

The integration of communications provides a seamless management and transfer of calls between fixed and mobile and, uniquely, a single voicemail between them, as well as the ability for receptionists to see if a mobile user is on the phone (‘busy’) – no other service can provide this. You are also using just one supplier – so one bill, and one point of contact.

Isn’t it better to use our existing data connection for the hosted voice service instead of putting in a new line? a

Most hosted telephony services use your existing data connection rather than insist on a separate line as we do. However, we believe that with a line that we have installed, and that we monitor, and we know that only our call traffic will use, we can maintain and ensure a call quality without having to rely on another provider.

By exposing your voice calls through an existing line that carries other traffic (e.g. data), the quality of the call would be compromised. Using another third-party provider’s data line increases the complexity of the solution and increases problem resolution times.

How does hosting affect office moves? a

Hosted telephony is a significant help with office moves. If you want to keep the original office numbers, you can; if you want new numbers, you can add those too. We will work with you to plan your office move and we will move the phones to your new site. Within our App Server we point the old (or new) numbers to the new site, and you are up and running. Simple, efficient, effective.

Why use a hosted service than have our Phone System (PBX) on site? Don’t we lose control? a

The only real benefit of having your PBX on-site is that you can physically see it, but modern on-site phone systems are still managed via a web-browser interface on a computer. You manage One Net exactly the same way.

However, with One Net, as well as making your own changes to your setup via your web browser, you can also contact our Customer Services team who can make changes for you (without charge).

We provide a Router and a Switch on-site at your office(s) to manage call traffic, so there is in fact on-site equipment. But the core intelligence is held in our network, and therefore you have extra resiliency and disaster proofing.

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