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How do I get One Net Business?

As soon as you get in touch with Rock, we will audit your telecoms and fact find. We understand time needs to be taken to get the right Telecoms solution for you, in terms of cost and functionality.

Solution Design
Our technical experts come to your business and design the solution from this point on, assessing everything from physical infrastructure to call plans and hunt groups. We offer an on-site demo of the equipment, showing you the features One Net Business offers.

If your business requires cabling or additional work, Rock take care of all this within the project planning – with all the checks in place for a quick and effective install.

Project Planning
Rock have a robust, tried and tested project plan. This planning negates any problems before they could arrive, and we make sure nothing is rushed with time taken to plan.

Survey and Install
Rock carry out an onsite survey, which follows on from your initial discussions with us.  The more detail the better, with the solution being tailored throughout.

When all the plans are in place, with a full solution design document built and agreed; install dates are set.  In the meantime, there are numerous project calls to make sure all the tasks are complete and no issues have arisen.  If there is anything we both feel maybe an problem, we can delay – setting up further work and a new install day.

After hundreds of One Net Business installs, we know the best way to implement One Net Business. Rock want to deal with any unforeseen issue quickly, in order to delight our customers.

After the initial training completed by our engineers, which covers understanding of basic telephony such as numbering, call routing, access methods etc; Rock follow up with further training completed by an experienced and professional trainer.  This allows you to learn everything you need to fully utilise the system, and realise its benefits.

Ongoing Support
Finally, our team of desk and field based account managers are on hand to deal with any query you have with One Net Business. Rock want to visit your business regularly, to guarantee your happiness with the products and services that we provide.

A detailed example project plan can be supplied on request, contact us here.

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