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Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 helps you and your employees work together more effectively. It’s a cloud-based IT solution combining the latest edition of Microsoft Office and unified communication tools – Skype for Business and Exchange – with our integrated phone services.   Office 365 is scalable to your needs, our flexible plans can grow with your business.

With Office 365, your software will work seamlessly across smartphones, PCs and tablets, so you can communicate however you like, wherever you are. Download and edit files on the go, send emails from any device, check your colleagues’ availability in real-time and then make a phone call, video call or send an instant message.

Pros and Cons of Office365 vs Local Exchange


  • Free base level services with optional paid for extra services
  • Increased stability, resilience and reliability of the Microsoft platform
  • Increased redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities
  • 50GB of free email storage per user
  • Unlimited free file storage on OneDrive
  • Unlimited email storage and enhanced email features (e-discovery and encryption options) available at a small cost
  • UCI will realize significant cost savings by leveraging the use of Office365 services available to UCI.
  • Reduces infrastructure and staffing costs of local Exchange
  • Frees up OIT staff to work on other important activities
  • Reduces campus costs for Microsoft software licenses
  • Office365 allows OIT to offer cost-effective useful new Microsoft applications, features and functionality, and to leverage new technologies such as cloud storage.
  • Increased security due to a signed Business Associate Agreement with Microsoft for Office365


  • Reduced local system administration control because Microsoft is responsible for the infrastructure and much of the system administration
  • Increased reliance on Microsoft to address service issues
  • Possible slower response to issue resolution
  • Moving to Office365 will initially dismiss any previously assigned calendar viewing permissions.  Users will be required to reestablish non-default calendar permissions.  The default is for everyone to view “free-busy” information without details
  • Some mail clients and mobile devices will require initial reconfiguration
  • Security and Privacy risks must be assessed and the service must be used responsibly avoiding the use of the service with sensitive data, and/or protecting the data with encryption and/or other controls.


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