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Internet Connectivity

Rock offers a range of connectivity solutions to businesses, from mobile 4G sims to complex MPLS solutions.

  • Dedicated Internet Access – 2Mbps to 1Gbps
  • Ethernet – Voice, Video and Data traffic from the same line, ideal for utilising a converged IT and Telecoms solution
  • M2M – connecting your devices, machines and appliances to a mobile network
  • Mobile Data – 4G data, supplying the information you need wherever you are

Dedicated Internet Access

Rock look to deliver high speed and resiliant connectivity for our customers, using only business grade products.  You have a dedicated line, so you dont have to share the connection or compete with consumer traffic.  Connection speeds available from 2Mbps to 1Gbps, depending on location, budget and usage.

This is ideal if your company depends on a reliable connection for business-critical services, whether this is simply hosting your own website or using your connection for Cloud products, online transactions, VoIP (Voice over IP) services or large file transfers.  Rock have a range of services for you to choose from, matching your need.


Rock supply three main types of Ethernet service:

  1. One Net Business Internet over Ethernet
  2. Ethernet point to point (P2P)
  3. Ethernet virtual private network (VPN)

One Net Business Internet over Ethernet

Companies can now run a One Net Business solution and their own internet tariff over the same ethernet circuit, all managed and secured by the one service.  The Ethernet service uses a 100mb pipe for voice and data traffic, split properly to ensure quality on both aspects.  The setup on Internet over Ethernet is as follows:

  • Upto 10mb (10%) of the circuit is totally protected for the voice element
  • Upto 90mb (90%) of the circuit is available for the customer to use for internet access, of which we can supply at 10mb portions

There is a massive cost saving benefit for a businesses deploying this service, especially if there are ISDN lines and a traditional phone system currently in place.

Ethernet point to point (P2P)

This service allows you to bring your offices together and connect your sites into a single network.  It is a fast, secure and flexible network, allowing all of your traffic to operate as one.  Ethernet also allows an easier route into collaboration and productivity across your offices.

As with One Net Internet over Ethernet, you can run voice, data and video between sites.  But here you are not limited to the One Net service, it’s completely flexible.


Machine to Machine (M2M) technology allows wireless and wired systems to work together, in an increasing connected world.  Rock have partnered with Wireless Logic and Vodafone to offer connections across every major mobile operator in the UK and Europe.   These M2M managed services empower remote devices to communicate cost-effectively, with a range of service solutions developed to deliver dedicated and relevant value added services.