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Cloud Business Phone Systems

For smaller businesses with big ideas, cloud based telephony is an important part of the communications tool kit that’s definitely worth considering. If you’re looking to scale up your operation, communication will play an integral part of that growth plan, so ensuring your infrastructure is up to the task is essential. Cloud based telephone systems are becoming increasingly commonplace in even the smallest of operations, packing impressive features and additional services once reserved for big enterprise, without the sky-high price tag.

Is it time to move your telephone system to the cloud?

Nowadays, cloud phone systems are becoming increasingly affordable, but many businesses are still relying on outdated communication systems to conduct much of their operation. If your business activity is dependent on telecommunications, you’ll want a telephone system that can adapt and expand with the times. If you’re struggling to justify the cost of data and hardware management, switchboard operators and countless other attendant roles, opting for cloud based telephony lets you maintain all your essential functions, without making a compromise.

Less hardware, less risk

A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) was once commonplace in offices, and while this time of network does have its advantages, it’s becoming increasingly outdated when compared to cloud based telephony. While a PBX requires dedicated hardware, a cloud based telephone system doesn’t. There’s no need for extensive installation costs and hardware management, meaning there’s even more ways to trim down your overheads and focus your finances on expansion and further enterprise. Cloud based telephone systems are incredibly easy to access, optimize and manage, with most utilizing a simple web-based management console that almost anyone can use. Unlike conventional private branch exchanges, the set-up time of a cloud based system is much faster, with no advanced training required to bring your personnel up to speed. Once your cloud for business system is in place, you’re good to go.

Limitless potential

Another key advantage of cloud telephone systems is that the infrastructure won’t become outdated like conventional branch exchanges. You won’t be limited by obsolete hardware in just a few years and you won’t require endless updates and optimizations to ensure your exchange is fit for purpose. This flexible approach to business communications lets you scale up quickly, efficiently and affordably when you need to. If your organization has expansion in mind, cloud for business is the way forward.

No hidden costs

When you opt for a cloud business phone system, you’ll also be able to protect yourself from crippling hidden costs and unpredictable pricing structures. While a hosted network does require a monthly subscription and ongoing commitment, this often pales in comparison to the upfront installation costs of more conventional branch exchanges, not to mention the ongoing costs of hardware management.

Cloud based telephony also comes with many automated features that you might have once had to dedicate an entire team of personnel too, further freeing up your financial commitment to communications. There’s no need for a switchboard operator when you opt for a cloud based system, while the added benefit of services like call logging and recording, and unified communications functionality helps you reduce your dependence on dedicated attendants, as well as ensuring greater reliability and accuracy of the business information and correspondence.