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No matter what business you’re in, the telephone should lie at the heart of all your communications. More personal than email and instant message, and essential for making the first move with a prospective client, the benefits of a dedicated business telephone system can’t be ignored. Whether you’re just starting out, or looking to improve your corporate communications, deciding on whether a traditional on-site solution or hosted, cloud-based service is right for you is essential.

The difference between cloud-based and traditional telephone systems

Historically, a private branch exchange (PBX) was the go-to for businesses looking for an on-site telephone system. Offering small-scale unified communications, a PBX is still a good idea for businesses looking to save on installation and running costs. Companies can save on the cost of installing a separate line for each member of staff who require a dedicated phoneline, letting an entire company share a single phone number (or fixed amount of numbers), with easily managed switching of calls. Traditional telephone systems like this are often cheaper, requiring a single upfront payment and no ongoing maintenance costs. A cloud-based telephone system, commonly known as a hosted system, utilizes the internet to connect each of your extensions together, as well as the phone network at large. Unlike traditional systems, there’s little or no upfront cost, although such packages are billed monthly. Hosted services can seem confusing, but if you’re serious about future-proofing your business communications, they’re an essential consideration.

The benefits of a cloud-based telephone system

More and more businesses are turning to cloud-based telephone systems, and it’s not hard to see why. While hosted VoIP services incur monthly subscription costs, businesses can enjoy the full support of their service providers. With traditional PBX systems, adaptations and enhancements are the responsibility of the business owner, as are all the associated costs. Cloud-based systems are also proofed against on-site power or hardware failures, ensuring all calls and essential office communications can be rerouted to mobile phones and other devices. If your business is growing, cloud-based exchanges are the ideal fit for your unified communications needs. Unlike traditional branch exchanges where a dedicated system must be installed on each premises, these systems unify everything into a single system, easily accessible online to connect every branch, office and remote worker. If you’ve branches across the country or operate internationally, a hosted VoIP service is an indispensable asset.

Automated phone systems can dramatically improve productivity

From small businesses to international enterprise, cloud-based telephone systems can help any company grow. A hosted service can allow multiple devices on a single extension, allow users to screen every incoming call, and allow instantaneous click-to-dial operation. If time is of the essence, a cloud-based solution can dramatically increase productivity of every worker dependant on a telephone line to do business. Not only that, but each call can be instantly recorded, archived and accessed from anywhere, allowing important information to be instantaneously and accurately shared with a larger workgroup for reference. No longer do you have to worry about miswritten minutes, miscommunication and misfiling of all-important communications.

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