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Business Telecoms

Rock will review your current systems and contracts to establish the most cost effective way to deliver the performance you need.

A successfully integrated business communication system not only keeps a workforce connected, it can revolutionise the way a company does business and reaches out to its customers. Whether you’re an established business looking to expand, or a modest team of just a few individuals, any company can enjoy the benefits of a dedicated business communication system. While a private branch exchange (PBX) system can help keep sprawling office places and disparate departments reasonably well connected, in order to be at the forefront of any industry and offer the ultimate in customer support, many companies are now migrating to much more advanced, efficient and multi functioned systems that allow for many applications to be accessed on a single IP network. Rock deliver cloud-based telecom and IT solutions to businesses, doing away with the usual limitations of an office environment, and allowing for realtime collaboration and an effective online platform in which to conduct business.


Get connected for a better business 

Any business with serious expansion plans understands the importance of keeping their workforce connected. If you’re dealing with a wealth of applications and individual departments, migrating your communication system to a secure network allows you to introduce and implement a varied suite of useful applications, including video conferencing and calls, voice over IP (VoIP), intercom, live messaging and more. If you’re dealing with remote workers and need to keep your communication channels flexible, Rock can supply and manage a range of business telephone systems designed with the modern workplace in mind. Vodafone One Net Business offers an incredibly affordable communications service for small to medium sized companies looking for an integrated solution that combines a fixed line, with mobile, desktop and tablet connectivity. Designed with cost savings in mind, opting for a unified service dramatically increases productivity and performance, reducing your admin hours and ensuring constant communications with your workforce, suppliers or customers, wherever they are.


Future proof your company 

Keep your business telephone systems up-to-date and efficient can mean expensive and regular updates. With Rock, businesses can enjoy a future proof solution, with systems designed and implemented with future tweaks and improvements in mind. Users can enjoy planned product enhancements to help expand and fine-tune their systems as they grow, without the need for ongoing investment and disruption to their existing network. Systems are hosted off site and away from your work premises, ensuring any maintenance and upgrades are undertaken at no hassle to you. As your company and customer base grows, so will your communication needs. With Rock, businesses can enjoy a flexible system, tailor made to deliver specific functions, with room to grow in all the right areas.

Rock are experts in all aspects of telecommunications, and are the industry leaders for providing bespoke business solutions and impartial advice. Whether you’re looking to overhaul the way your workforce communicates with a fully integrated system, or are simply looking for ways to reduce your costs and headcount, Rock can deliver. With long-standing partnerships with established brands including Microsoft, HP, BT, TalkTalk, Virgin and Vodafone; you’ll always find a telecom and IT service solution that’s the perfect fit for you.



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