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Complaints Code

Customer Code
Rock Networks Ltd is an independent IT and Telecommunications company that offers communications services to business customers.
We may not provide all the services directly, but we will liaise with the relevant suppliers or contractual provider to ensure that any problems with their services are resolved promptly.

At Rock we pride ourselves on customer service, however we understand there may be instances where you feel that you may have had service that doesn’t meet the required levels. In this instance the complaints procedure is set out as below.

Contact Points
Phone: 0844 326 7000
Fax: 0844 326 8000
Support Email: support@rock-networks.co.uk
General Email: info@rock-networks.co.uk
Website: www.rock-networks.co.uk
Post: Rock Networks Ltd. Stone Cross Court, Stone Cross Park, Golborne, Warrington. WA3 3JD

Complaints Procedure
1. Discuss your issue with your dedicated account manager
If this can’t resolve your issue:
2. The issue will be escalated to direct line manager of the Rock employee
If this can’t resolve your issue:
3. The issue will be escalated to the Customer Services Manager or Head of Sales
If this can’t resolve your issue:
4. The issue will be escalated to the Managing Director

When an issue is raised the Rock representative will respond to your issue, within 24 hours, acknowledging receipt of the issue and setting out a resolution path.

All written complaints must include:
o Customer name and account number
o Details of issue
o Date and time this issued was originally raised and to whom
o Contact details for resolution to be discussed.

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